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Mesa High School

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The amount of funds you want to raise.
EXAMPLE: Our team is looking for donations for two campaigns. First, the 2018 season we are traveling to the Denver, Colorado area to play Castle View High School so we are raising funds for the athletes to offset the cost of the trip expenditures. Your donations will cover hotel costs, transportation and team meals.
EXAMPLE: Charter Busses Hotel costs Meals Barbells Plates(45,35,25,15,10,5,.2.5) Protein Recovery shakes, bars Chalk Bins EZ Curl bars
EXAMPLE: We can’t wait to show you what we’re capable of during the 2018 football season. We work hard year around to improve our skills. Additionally, our coaches work tirelessly every single day throughout the off-season as well as in-season to make sure that we are at our very best for the biggest games of the year. We are extremely excited and happy about your support for our program, and promise not to disappoint. Up On The One!!!